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I have been suffering from back pain for more than 1 year and I was taking Voverai SR 75 mg on and off, unwillingly. One of my friends told me to take Bio-Av Curcumin tablet and after taking it for about 2 months it has given good relief. Now I am not taking any pain killers and my immunity has improved too.

- Rema Bhaskar, Bangalore

I have been taking OptiBMI tablet for reducing weight. I started with one tablet and now i am taking two tablets daily along with exercise and diet restrictions. The product has worked very well for me and I have reduced my weight, sleep has improved and even my periods got regularized. Thank you OptiBMI. It is very effective.

- Aarti, Mumbai

I was pleasantly surprised to see my fasting glucose and total cholesterol, both coming down after taking Bio-Av Curcumin for 3-months. After stopping regular exercises, I noticed my sugar level going up from 90mg/dL to 105 mg/dL and cholesterol from 180 to 210. Within 3 months of taking Bio-Av Curcumin, both values came down to normal.

- Dhamodhar, Chennai

My doctor has recommended Gestinova drink and it is very good; earlier she was giving some medication (metformin, i guess), which was causing lots of gastric problems and uneasiness. Its taste is lovely and after two months of use, I am finding my hormone levels, sleep and weight, all getting improved.

- Swarnalatha, Hyderabad

I have been using Bio-Av Curcumin for more than a year now for my inflammatory eye condition (my doctor says a kind of Uveitis). Initially its availability was an issue and now with the product is easily available. After taking Bio-Av Curcumin, my eye irritation, itching and redness has come down significantly.

- Prajapathi, Pune

Omni Wellness products and the company service is very good. Even on sunday they call up and make sure that we get the products on time.

- VijayaDutta, Mumbai

OptiBMI lite was suggested by my dietician and I have been taking it as a partial meal replacement. Initially its taste was a problem, but in 2 weeks i got adjusted to it and it has really helped me reduce weight. Since going to gym has become increasingly difficult, with proper diet and Opti BMI lite, I could reduce weight and maintain it.

- Teena, Mumbai

My father was suffering severe weight loss/weakness after his chemotherapy for prostate cancer. During that time, I came across InstaRecov powder and he started using it twice daily. After 3-months, his weight increased by 4-5 kg, appetite increased and overall he has shown visible changes.

- Niraj Kumar, Jhamshedpur

QualiZyg-M is a fantastic product, because before using it, I was prescribed quite a few formulations that didn't work. I got very good results within 4 months of use.

- Mithlesh, Pune

Bio-Av Curcumin is very effective in osteoarthritis. Earlier, I was using different products like collagen, glucosamine, MSM etc. Many of these supplements were increasing my sugar level and they were causing lot of gastric problem. Bio-Av Curcumin really reduced pain joint stiffness and pain within 3 months and now I can walk pretty comfortably.

- Suresh Prabhu, Chennai

After returning from the US, it was difficult to get quality Curcumin as most of the products available are either turmeric powder or curcumin and piperine. After buying Bio-Av Curcumin I realized that it is even better than products available in USA. In my family almost all of us use bio available curcumin routinely as a supplement.

- George V, Mumbai

My son has been getting frequent colds, coughs and infection and I believe it is due to his poor life style without any exercise. When I took him to our family doctor, he recommended InstaRecov drink and it really made a big difference to his health. He has been taking 1 scoop daily and for the past 5 months he has not got any cold/cough or infection. Fantastic!!!!!

- Remya, Bangalore

I am dietician and regularly test visceral fat percentage using OMRON machine for my patients. Over the past one year I am using OptiBMI tablet and Opti BMI Lite sachets and I found good reduction in visceral fat percentage along with weight.These are very safe products and tolerance is excellent.

- Navatha, Hyderabad

I am using OmniIduo for computer vision syndrome and it is an excellent product

- Vivek, coimbatore

I am dietician to major hospital in Mumbai and I found the products of Omni wellness-especially Bio-Av Curcumin, OptiBMI tablet, Opti BMI Lite sachet and Bio-Av ginger very useful.

- Monal Velanki, Mumbai

I am using OmniIDuo for last 2 months because i had typical age-related vision problem-like inability to see small letter, glare sensitivity etc. Now my vision has improved and I have started driving confidently even in the night time. OmniIduo is an excellent product!!!!!!!!!!!

- Mukesh Yadav, Nagpur