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EEndometriosis is a chronic gynaecological inflammatory disorder in which immune system deregulation may play a role in it’s initiation and progression.
This condition occurs when the lining of uterus called endometrium grows outside the uterus , on fallopian tube, ovaries , abdomen, ligaments supporting uterus, outer surface of uterus and lining of pelvic cavity. The misplaced tissue develops into growths or lesions which respond to the menstrual cycle in the same way that the tissue of uterine does. Each month the tissue builds up, breaks down and sheds. Menstrual blood flows from uterus out of the body but the blood and tissue from endometrial growths doesn’t leave body, rather it sticks on other organs and continue growing. This results in internal bleeding, lesion formation, pain and inflammation. Endometriosis is a progressive disorder and it is now well known that inflammation and oxidative stress plays an important role in its development and progression. Endometriosis is marked by production of variety of inflammatory markers and growth factors in peritoneal cavity.

Endometriosis is a complex disorder and symptoms include

  • Painful periods
  • Excessive menstrual bleeding
  • Pain while having sex
  • Infertility
  • Painful urination during periods
    & painful bowel movements
  • Backache
  • GI upset like constipation
  • Depression

Endometriosis causes

The exact cause of Endometriosis is not certain but there are multiple theories to explain it.

  • Retrograde menstruation.In retrograde menstruation, menstrual blood containing endometrial cells flows back through the fallopian tubes and into the pelvic cavity instead of out of the body. These endometrial cells stick to the pelvic walls and surfaces of pelvic organs, where they grow and continue to thicken and bleed over the course of each menstrual cycle.

  • Transformation of peritoneal cells. In what's known as the "induction theory," experts propose that hormones or immune factors promote transformation of peritoneal
    cells — cells that line the inner side of your abdomen — into endometrial-like cells.

  • Embryonic cell transformation. Hormones such as estrogen may transform embryonic cells — cells in the earliest stages of development — into endometrial-like cell implants during puberty.

  • Surgical scar implantation. After a surgery, such as a hysterectomy or C-section, endometrial cells may attach to a surgical incision.

  • Endometrial cell transport. The blood vessels or tissue fluid (lymphatic) system may transport endometrial cells to other parts of the body.

  • Immune system disorder.A problem with the immune system may make the body unable to recognize and destroy endometrial-like tissue that's growing outside the uterus.

Endometriosis Treatment:

Endometriosis is a chronic disease which can’t be cured. There are various treatment options that can reduce symptoms and minimize complications. Treatment includes following but almost all of them are associated with side effects when used for long term.

  • Pain reliving medications like NSAIDs
  • Oral contraceptive pills
  • Progestin only hormones
  • Surgery

Powerful Natural Anti-inflammatory & Anti-oxidants for Endometriosis:

None of the current medical options for endometriosis is curative, rather they all are short term and associated with some or the other side effects.
It is found that Endometriosis is associated with high oxidative stress and inflammation in peritoneal cavity that leads to its progression. Lot of studies have shown that powerful natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant agents can prove to be beneficial in decreasing the progression of disease. Some of the most studied ingredients are curcumin, resveratrol & N acetylcysteine. These ingredients have potential to

  • Provide relief from pain
  • Decrease progression of disease
  • Improve infertility, lesion formation
  • Reduce recurrence & need for surgery


Endorecov is 1st non-hormonal & scientifically developed formulation for Endometriosis. It contains most bioavailable & researched ingredients and its consumption can reduce symptoms & complications. Moreover, Endorecov can be taken for long term and it can be taken with other therapies and procedures suggested by Dr for endometriosis. Endorecov contains our patented ingredient Ultrasol Curcumin (highly bioavailable Curcumin) along with Resveratrol, N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine and Vitamin D. These ingredients are carefully chosen to create a visible effect in normalising endometrial health.

What makes Ultrasol Curcumin superior to any other curcumin in market

Curcumins generally sold in market are water insoluble , hence it is poorly absorbed in body ( less than 6-8%). Moreover the little quantity that is absorbed is rapidly degraded in body making it in-effective. Ultrasol technology increases bio-availability of Curcumin by reducing it’s particle size & creating special coating system to protect it from degradation in body. Ultrasol Curcumin thus developed has been proven through scientific studies as one of the best bio-available curcumin globally. As per study conduced in USA it is found that Ultrsol Curcumin is 46 times more bioavailable than a standard curcumin product in market.

  1. Provide relief from pain
  2. Decrease progression of disease
  3. Improve infertility, lesion formation
  4. Reduce recurrence & need for surgery


Resveratrol has strong antiproliferative and anti-inflammatory actions that are critical for endometriosis. It is being extensively studied in treatment of endometriosis worldwide.

  1. Restores endometrial health
  2. Reduces pain associated with dysmenorrhoea
  3. Decreases growth of endometriotic cells & lesions
  4. Increases apoptosis of endometriotic cells

N-Acetyl Cysteine

NAC is a strong anti-oxidant and fights oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation. It plays a vital role in decreasing cyst and lesion size .

Vitamin D

  1. Helps correct deficiency status
  2. Helps in reducing inflammation &
    supports anti-oxidant capacity
Usage of Endorecov

1 capsule daily


Ingredients of Endorecov are generally well tolerated and no adverse effects have been reported


10 capsules in one blister strip and 3 blister strips in a box


Store at cool and dry place below 25 degree centigrade . Prptect from sunlight , moisture & heat. Keep out of reach of children