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Fertility Enhancement Formula For Men

4x Higher Bioavailable CoQ10 Developed Using Patented Ultrasol Technology Along With Lycopene, DHA, Selenium And Minerals

How It Works?

  • Helps protect sperm from oxidative stress, thus improves the quality and function.

  • Helps promote male fertility health through proper sperm maturation, function and overall reproductive health.

  • Helps in correcting functional defects of the sperm.

  • Helps prevent DNA damage of the sperm cell.

  • Provide targeted antioxidants and special minerals to which helps complement conventional management like ART (Assisted Reproductive Techniques)

What Is The Dosage?

  • One tablets a day.

More about QualiZyg-M

    QualiZyg-M is a high-quality fertility-enhancing formula for men, developed with reliable and scientifically demonstrated ingredients to help enhance sperm parameters, such as count, quality and movement, and helps improve overall reproductive wellness, which would have been affected due to lifestyle and environmental challenges.