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OptiBMI Lite

Burn Fat While Satiating Hunger And Fighting Cravings!

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How It Works?

  • Helps reduce intake of calories.

  • Helps in promoting satiety.

  • Helps correct the disturbed gut bacteria

  • Helps in protecting lean body mass.

  • Low Glycemic Index (GI), hence safe for diabetes.

  • Helps support low carbohydrate regimen such as Keto, Paleo etc.

What Is The Dosage?

  • One heaped scoop (30 g) daily.

  • Take one heaped scoop of powder (Approx. 30 g) in a container and add water (150 ml approx.) to reconstitute. Stir well and consume immediately.

More about OptiBMI Lite

    It is a meal replacement powder that offers High Quality Whey Protein, Unique High Fiber complex in a 3:1 ratio of insoluble to soluble fiber, enriched with Pre-Biotics, Calcium and Vitamin D. It also contains an innovative weight reduction agent known as L-Carnitine.